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Luxury Hampers 

Treat your mum this Mothers Day with one of our two specially selected hamper combinations, the Luxury Hamper (retailing at £145) includes pampering bath salts and an exfoliating loofah soap both in our signature lavender and camomile to help unwind, calm and soothe.  A soy and beeswax candle to delight the senses as it burns slowly delivering the relaxing lavender oil throughout your room.  Our original formula miracle salve helping replenish and nurture those ‘many times’ washed hands complete with organic cotton gloves and socks or an overnight deep moisturising treat.  A jar of our decadent Suffolk Cherry and Amaretto jam that pairs deliciously with our Italian recipe cherry and almond biscotti, all complete with a sumptuous silk and cashmere wrap in a choice of three colours, lastly a gift card and ribbon perfect for a personal hand-tied bouquet of flowers to make the gift even more personal

Organic Candles 

 Organic soya and beeswax aromatherapy candle with essential oils


Roasted almonds and Suffolk cherries combine to produce this crunchy Italian delicacy that pairs perfectly when dunked in our on cherry and amaretto jam

Muscle Soaks

After a long day working, travelling or shopping, pamper yourself with a relaxing hand made muscle soak. Dissolve in warm water, for either a foot soak or bath. Choose from one of five carefully created recipes to soothe, invigorate or nurture.

Miracle Salve

In these days of constant hand washing, this gorgeously enriching Miracle Salve will both nourish and nurture your poor ‘many times’ washed hands.

Made with pure ingredients that provide all the extra care of natural vitamins and minerals, our Original Formula miracle salve will be your go-to saviour long after we leave lockdown.


Light enough to float around you in a tropical breeze, originally a gift brought back from the ancient East for Joesphine from Napoleon. Truly a gift for an Empress!


Lunch at the barn is often simple. Fresh bread, local cheese and a jar of chutney, and these are our absolute favourites. 

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