Rose Essential Oil – The Queen of Flowers

Nov 14, 2020

Rose essential oil

Ancient Romans used rose flowers, water and oils at feast, weddings and funerals.  Recognised for its antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral and antiphlogistic therapeutic qualities it has been used as a main stay across Europe and the Middle East for centuries in the curative and cosmetic industries.

Rose oil is both emollient and hydrating, which together with its delicious aroma, make it invaluable in skincare.  Mixed into lotions, creams and face oils, rose treats mature, dry inflamed and sensitive skins buy is useful for all skin types.

Psychologically, rose oil alleviates sadness and disappointment.  It relieves anxiety and grief and can strengthen the inner spirt.  Rose is associated with the heart chakra, opening and healing the heart to love.

When developing our muscle soak bath sales and co-ordinating loofah soaps, rose oil was an obvious essential oil to lead on one of our most popular combinations.  When paired with the subtle Neroli the partnership is floral, light, feminine and luxurious.


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