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Suffolk Barn Company is an exciting new brand that champions Lifestyle, Food and Travel – three elements that are represented by an evolving range of luxurious and natural products.

Claire, the brand’s founder, is a specialist in business transformation, an author and an entrepreneur. She has wanted to launch a range of lifestyle, food and travel products for some time.

Suffolk Barn Company was originally conceived as an idea five years ago during a period living in Holland when Claire would counterbalance working in a corporate environment with enjoying time with her young daughter, Freya. Together they would find interesting shells and other natural items during walks along the beaches there and use them to make gifts to sell on a stall at a local craft show. The reaction to Claire and Freya’s craft skills was overwhelmingly positive and the seed of an idea was planted.

When Claire, Freya and their dog Bhodi, settled in Suffolk in 2018, she decided to finally realise her ambition with the launch of the Suffolk Barn Company.

Claire & Bhodi 


Lifestyle, Food, Travel

Lifestyle because we believe that self-care and pampering with our handmade products is what we all deserve and need now more than ever. Our range of salts, loofah soaps and original recipe salve is lovingly created with nature’s finest blends of salts, oils and essential oils.

Food is a passion for us, and we believe in using local produce wherever possible to create our jams, chutneys and marmalades. The recipes we share on our blog put seasonal ingredients, and the joy of eating them, in the spotlight, and our years of travelling the world bring global influences. Claire has already paired Amaretto with her homegrown cherries to give one of the Suffolk Barn Company’s jams an Italian twist.

Travel because our travelling experiences influence everything we create, and many of our products are perfect for accompanying you when on a trip.

Our natural products are free from chemicals and palm oil and packaged in recyclable glass jars, so we do as little to harm the environment as possible.

We are inspired by the world and by Suffolk, our own beautiful corner of it.

Welcome to the Suffolk Barn Company!

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